SORETTO performs in different types of spaces and executes full scope of services from turn -key construction, engineering, manufacturing, until delivery and mounting.



Retail design is a very specialized discipline due to the heavy demands placed on retail space. Store layout helps influence a customer's behavior, which means when done right, it's a key strategy to a store's prosperity.

SORETTO works hand in hand with retail project architects, in-house engineers, technologists and maintains all production stages. 

We produce and install showcases, cash desks, fitting rooms, wall and ceiling finishes, displays, manufacture and install lighting. All interior parts can be made of wood, metal, glass, acrylic, stone and also by combining different materials.All work is done by professionals with many years of experience in furniture manufacturing and interior installation.

An experienced project manager, along with the entire team of professionals, is involved in all stages of the project, which helps to avoid inaccuracies and to complete all work on time.

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The most important feature when working on a hotel interior project is to fulfill the vision of the architect and the client - to create an environment that makes the guest feel comfortable, relaxed and eager to return.

Hotel interiors must be durable, so it is very important to make furniture and interior elements of the highest quality materials.

Soretto carries out a complete set-up of all hotel spaces: lobby, bars and restaurants, hotel rooms and halls.

We manufacture beds, chairs, armchairs, tables, mirrors, lighting and complete the decoration of any hotel space.

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Public spaces, like any other interior project, are primarily created for people. Spatial planning and the furnishing create a clear interior purpose: business center interior design needs to increase business efficiency, restaurants should communicate the concept of their cuisine, coffee houses should be comfortable for fast serving and also long stay.

SORETTO performs construction works, furniture and surfaces decor manufacturing at any size and kind of public spaces worldwide. 

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