We are a team of engineers, architects, technologists and project managers who are focusing on quality and time management. 


SORETTO performs all general construction, interior and exterior finishing works and installation of engineering systems and low currents. 

We gained experience arranging shops, casinos, restaurants, cafes, salons, offices and other public establishment. 

 Well experienced team of professionals with a worldwide practice in retail market ensures the complete project development to fulfil all the customers’ expectations.

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The goal of each project is the highest quality and clear time management.

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All stages of the project involve a professional project manager who communicates with the customer, architects, engineers, technologists, manufacturers and any other required contact.

Project manager's competencies remain him to be one contact for the customer. Smooth communication and fast reaction are mandatory to achieve the best results and complete any interior project at the best quality. 

 Our project management system lets us follow each project stage and ensures detailed timing. Therefore our customers can stick with their planning.



Value engineering is a systematic and organized approach to providing the necessary functions in a project at the lowest cost. Value engineering promotes the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives, without sacrificing functionality.

Our experienced engineers go through all technical drawings step by step, evaluate them and make changes if needed to achieve a better result. Every change is legally agreed with customers, architects and our technologists. 

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Accuracy and diligence in analyzing project drawings and preparing them for production is the basis of our work.


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We produce furniture, fixtures and equipment for retail, hospitality and public spaces. All our projects require the highest quality and longevity, comfort and aesthetics, have to be ergonomic and trendy. 

The main materials we are working with are wood, metal, acrylic and stone. Our technologies and know-how let us produce any type of furniture and use different types of surface finishing: polishing, varnishing, powder coating, aging and many others. 



Logistics management is part of our supply chain management. We work with global logistics companies who cover all types of transportation including international freight forwarding and supply chain solution development, diverse shipping and supply chain needs. 

All furniture and fixtures are safely packed using special packaging so that all shipments arrive safely and on time to the final unloading point. Our clients are worldwide, so we work with reliable logistics companies that ensure fast and reliable door to door shipping.

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Once the furniture is on-site at the location, our professional installers will place and assemble furniture according to the layout plan. 

Our furniture installation service includes the unloading, unpacking and the distribution of the furniture. Our fully qualified fitters will not only install your furniture, they will remove and dispose of all used packaging and clean all completed installations to the highest of standards.